Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Pre - Reading Strategy Using Significant Quotations

This activity is from Upcycled Education: The Personal & Professional Blog of Jen Lara.  The activity uses quotes from a text that students will be reading.  For this simple but effective pre-reading activity, the teacher chose a variety of quotes from a chapter that students would soon be reading.  She tried to keep the quotes interesting and open-ended.  Students simply had to look through the available quotes, choose one that interested them, and share their quote with a partner.

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The beauty in this activity is its simplicity.  It would be easy to adapt to any kind of text that you will be reading, from a short informational text to a Shakespearean play.  Students are setting a purpose for reading, making connections to the text, and making predictions.  I imagine this being a great way to get kids up and moving- you could easily ask them to get up and share their quote/the reason they chose the quote with, say, five classmates.  This could also be done using the first word last word method.  The adaptability of this activity means that you can use the idea over and over again without the kids getting bored.

Food for Thought... what are your favourite pre-reading activities?  

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