Wednesday, 2 September 2015


Assessment is a big focus for professional development in our district, so I'm always looking for good ideas that I can share with teachers.  I came across this simple handout for reassessment requests on the blog Math = Love.

I like that this is simple and can be easily adapted and applied to any type of assessment in any content area.  My belief is that students should be able to reassess.  There are many factors at play in any kind of assignment, and student performance may not accurately demonstrate the student's ability.  In addition, if we want students to show us that they are learning and growing, why would we deny them the opportunity to re-do an assignment if it will allow them to do just that?  I believe that school should be a safe place where students learn to take risks, think creatively, and know that it is okay to fail.  

This worksheet gives students more responsibility in the reassessment process.  Students are asked to reflect on why they want to be able to reassess- what is it that kept them from doing their best on their first attempt?  What have they done to ensure that they will do better this time?  There is a great balance between making students accountable for their own learning and still allowing them to reassess until they feel that they have demonstrated mastery.

Food for thought... what are your thoughts on reassessment?  Do you have any processes in place for students who wish to reassess?  

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