Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Ideas for Studying & Review

This is one of the first educational pins that I ever added to my Pinterest boards:

This is a Presidential version of the board game Guess Who.  I think that this is a brilliant way to review characters from a novel.  It definitely got me thinking about other ways that this Guess Who model could be used in the classroom.  Kids could make their own version to highlight their knowledge of characters.  Perhaps each kid is assigned a different character from a Shakespearean play, create a card for that character, and then they play the game to ensure that they have a good understanding of all of the characters.  Maybe this could integrate symbolism in short stories studied- choose a symbol that best reflects a particular story and play the game to show your overall knowledge of all short stories studied.

Food for thought... what are your most effective methods for reviewing complex texts?  What are some other ideas for using board games as a teaching tool?

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