Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The Socratic Method

I came across this great infographic on the Socratic process:

(Image credit:

I like this image because it can be a great guide to help teachers to release more responsibility to their students.  It can be very hard to go from the role of expert or "sage on the stage" to the role of learning coach or "guide on the side."  The Socratic process is a great for encouraging deep inquiry, critical thinking, and student engagement.  Students are required to take on more responsibility for their learning.  That said, it can be hard for both teacher and student to jump into a student-led inquiry model if that isn't something that they have experience with.  Having an infographic that lists steps and question stems can help to guide the entire class through the Socratic process.

Food for thought... have you ever used the Socratic process, either as a teacher or a student?  What was your experience like?  What are some other methods that you use to encourage students to take ownership of their own learning?

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